Reading in March

Reading in March

Have been sick for a couple weeks so didn’t get as much reading or writing done as I wanted – or. Okay. Any. But! I loved the book below so. Let’s have that as an achievement for March.


25932559Dead RingerHeidi Belleau & Sam Schooler

I saw one of the author’s describe this as ‘Old Hollywood Gothic’, which is perfect; the broke and troubled grandson of a died-too-soon screen legend, the chronically ill scion of a wealthy family who are basically terrible, and the way they figure out ways to fit together. Brandon’s difficulties with his famous face and finding out truths about his grandfather was like catnip for me, while Percy’s struggles with independence in the face of others’ assumptions about his capability would resonate with p much anyone whose ever been a teenager – chronic illness or not.

This is totally engrossing – I fiercely resented having to put the book down to go to work – and I’m looking forward to reading it again in a more leisurely fashion (I may have ripped through the last third in a desperate need to know how it ended. Spoiler: they get together).

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