historically speaking

historically speaking

Of late I’ve been taking advantage of the internet’s copious resources on Random Historical Facts I Need For Reasons (those reasons being: one historical~ novella, and one less-so).  I can’t quite fathom how laborious a process it must’ve been to write historical fiction pre-internet but is, I suspect, why some are so exhaustingly well-researched and become lessons in history while reading. (Which is, let me be clear, totally awesome. But my education experience has taught me I’m more of a ‘gist’ kind of person than an in-depth researcher.)

For my own part, I’ve been searching for ‘little touches’ as I’ve been writing spec and gaslamp, so am allowed more hand-waving (don’t tell me otherwise until the second draft, I’m too fragile rn). If I need more detail I’ll go to the dead trees, but I haven’t yet come across the definitive resource for shapeshifters in the Edwardian era so I’ll keep fumbling about for now. (Latest search: ‘farm cars horses edwardian era england’. Top tip: know what information you’re actually looking for maybe?)

Tips on writing historical from more informed people:

Susanna Calkins at Writer’s Digest (note 5! bad me)

Dr Sanjida O’Connell at The Creative Penn (‘don’t wear it on your sleeve’? but i’ve done all this fsking research…)

Bharti Kirchner at The Writer

Also (because I can’t not link when it comes to writing resources) everything from Rachel Aaron’s blog is amaze.

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