Wolf in King’s Clothing [preorder]

Wolf in King’s Clothing [preorder]

Cover of Wolf in King's Clothing.I am (VERY) pleased to announce my novella Wolf in King’s Clothing will be released by Carina Press as part of the Primal Need anthology in May 2017 – both the novella and anthology are available for preorder now, links here. I’ve really enjoyed working with Carina, and am looking forward to reading the anthology – I love shifters! (What, like that’s a surprise. Are you new.)

Writing WIKC was an absolute blast. The first draft felt like the most enormously self-indulgent exercise, and whittling it into shape has been a pleasure. Many thanks to my editor, Anne Scott, who suffered through much – including my continuing inability to differentiate times of day. Ahahahah. /cries a bit/

WIKC introduces Kent, a berserker stray fighting to free himself of his binding collar, and Hadrian, a firestarter alpha pursued for his status and connections. Their first meeting is an inadvertent kidnapping, and things go sideways from there.

What’s WIKC about? It’s clawing back identity from a world calling you a name not your own. It’s magic you don’t understand. It’s jumping off trains and through windows and into love, even when the timing couldn’t be worse. It’s York, 1912, and it rains a lot. Also, there’s werewolves.

I hope you like it.

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