Letters From Dark Water (Love Has Claws 3)

Letters From Dark Water (Love Has Claws 3)

Cover of Letters From Dark WaterLetters From Dark Water
Love Has Claws #3

Publishing March 2020


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Letters From Dark Water is the third story from Love Has Claws, a speculative romance trilogy linked by the town of Lastings. They are standalone stories, but your experience may be enhanced by reading Nine Years of Silver (Love Has Claws #1) and The Burial Club (Love Has Claws #2).

Content Warnings: bloody violence; gore; consumption of human flesh; death, including that of a child (the latterly mentioned very briefly, off-screen and in the past); brief mention of abusive homelife (non-MC); allusions to alcohol dependency.

Original cover photo: Ramin Mirzəyev on Unsplash

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