Preparing for camp

Preparing for camp

For Camp Nanowrimo in April, I want to tackle a story I’ve been wrestling with for a while. It’s become some ungodly beast, lurking in the back of my mind. YOU SHOULD BE WRITING THE STUPID THING, I tell myself (unhelpfully). WRITE THE THING. I’ve done lots of poking and research* and managed to successfully intimidate myself out of it thus far.

Thus, Camp Nanowrimo. I’m a fan of Nanowrimo, of the frenetic energy of throwing words down on the page. I’m not huge on word counts as a goal generally, but for these projects they work really well. (I admit to slight competitiveness.)

My failing at Nano tends to be getting waylaid in the middle, so I’ve been looking at plotting tools. Lately I’m into beat sheets, and Jami Gold’s posts and resources have been super helpful in this area – I’ve done some weird stuff since, but as a starting point these were great. Similarly, Rachel Aaron’s posts (esp this one, on series) have been instrumental since this put off-project appears to have brought along friends.

Whether this will bear fruit or not, idek. At this point I kind of owe myself to bash this thing out in April or forever hold my pieces. So, let’s do this.



* Procrastination by any other name.

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