Taking stock – 15/16

Taking stock – 15/16

So this marks twelve months since I started writing again. It’s been a haphazard kind of approach while I’m finding my feet, but I think it’s ticking along okay – not that I started with any particular sort of ambition, which is probably fortuitous.

My novella, Dust on the Wing, with Less Than Three Press, came out last month; I’ve a novella with House of Erotica forthcoming (in Valves and Vixens 3); and a novella with Dreamspinner out in June as part of the Daily Dose A Walk on the Wild Side (more of which next time). I also managed to corral some outstanding projects and glare at them a bit. I’ll take the win.

Plans for the next twelve months involve: edits on shapeshifter novel (a novel! idek); sci-fi novella (safer territory); intimidatingly large project I’m still putting off; something about assassins; two novels with time travel because research is fun (it isn’t); and my urban fantasy pouting in the corner. I hope to have two shorts for collection calls, but we’ll see how that goes on the day.

I’m sweating a bit. Let’s do this.

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