Beating the Bounds [preorder]

Beating the Bounds [preorder]

Hot on the heels of WIKC, I am similarly (VERY) pleased to announce another forthcoming publication, from Less Than Three Press. The team at LT3 are awesome, and continue to put out spectacular works across the QUILTBAG spectrum. I’m a huge fan of the anthologies and collections and am proud to be part of the collection.

Beating the Bounds is a f/f re-imagining of the Tam Lin story, with 100% less magical pregnancies and 100% more small town bureaucracy. Because a fairy tithe only counts if it’s noted in the Parish Council minutes.

Cover of Beating the Bounds.Jamie has moved to Marlstrake, Northumberland, after a messy break-up, looking for escape into quiet country life. Instead she finds Lyn, a charming if slightly odd local, and sparks fly. However, Lyn’s ex—Margaret, head of the Parish Council—views Jamie as a rival. Curses, both literal and figurative, follow. So do cursebreakers, shapeshifting, and struggling to save one’s crush from being sacrificed as tithe to Faerie. Also there’s a talking cat.

I’d be utterly remiss not to mention the gorgeous cover by Aisha Akeju. I may have stroked the screen a time or two, trying to feel the embossed letters. It has yet to work but I keep trying!

Beating the Bounds is my first published f/f and was great fun to write. It comes out April 19, 2017, and can be preordered from Less Than Three Press here.

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