Beating the Bounds: Northumberland

Beating the Bounds: Northumberland

Two weeks until Beating the Bounds is released! I’m pretty excited, and looking forward to losing a weekend to the rest of stories.

In this post, I wanted to supply some ideas of how Marlstrake, the village in BTB, looks. I didn’t have a particular village in mind, but an amalgamation of places seen while driving between one Roman ruin and another, nestled in the valleys of Northumberland. For those not fortunate enough to see those beautiful places, I wanted to share some images to help visualise the kind of place Jamie has moved to.

It’s very much the kind of place you’d expect to encounter a faerie. Don’t you think?

Note: I sourced these images from and they were taken by Ian Britton.

Bamburgh Village, Northumberland
Bamburgh Village, Northumberland

Hadrian's Wall, Northumberland
A view of Hadrian’s Wall.

Northumberland Coast
Northumberland Coastline

Cover of Beating the Bounds.If you want to travel to Northumberland, and maybe meet some faeries,

Beating the Bounds is available for pre-order now!

General release is April 19, 2017, with Less Than Three Press.

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