Ward & Weft: Cover reveal

Ward & Weft: Cover reveal

Ward & Weft has a cover! And it’s so beautiful. I just. I love this so much. The looks on their faces! The mythic landscape, which is how Griffith thinks of Wales, like a story he knew once. And the stars. The stars.

Cover of Ward & Weft

Let me try to explain. So, W&W is set near Aberarth, a tiny town near Cardigan Bay, in Wales. I chose Wales for the setting for its links with mythology, for its ties to the sea, and for the lives lived under the earth. A very magic and wolf kind of place, and one that’s important to me in a different way than York (for WIKC) is important.

So here is a story: we used to visit Wales when I was a kid, way out where there’s no light pollution and there are fragments of castles everywhere and sometimes people mistake you for poachers. This isn’t the poacher story. But one summer we were up at the top of this hill, slightly drunk in the part of the night people call dead, when I saw the Milky Way. Just, up there. Doing its thing. And I stood in dizzy wonder, staring until my eyes ached, until some silly bugger almost fell down a well.

I always think of that when I think of Wales, that ribbon of stars, a stolen moment of tranquility between laughing too loud and running from locals.

Which is what Ward & Weft is about, sort of. The search for a calm centre, which isn’t an easy thing to do when you’re a tempest of guilt and stubbornness, or when a wolf pack is trying to force you from your territory. But sometimes peace can be found in another person, or created together with them, if you try. Griffith and Llywelyn try their best.

Ward & Weft is released 12 September, 2017.

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