State of affairs: June 2018

State of affairs: June 2018

Somehow we’re halfway through the year? What is time.

January to June seems a blur. In spring I moved back to the UK after two years in Canada, and have been busy relocating and setting myself up in a new city. I’ve moved to the south east for the first time and am in practically-the-country, which has been a real speed change! As a result of all this, my writing targets have… Well, let’s say there’s been some technical difficulties.

I’d hoped to be a lot farther along with certain projects by now, but I’m not and that’s okay. Mage of Inconvenience was published in March and I’m really happy with it! West and Julian have found a lot of friends out there, which is lovely. My next scheduled release is with NineStar Press in September, which will be a sci-fi novella – more soon!

Currently I’m finishing a sweet shifter romance, and then I want to wrap up a novella that’s part-Justified and part-Poldark. More on those as they come! After those… After those I’ve got something super neat lined up (or at least, I think so!) that I’d hoped to drop in autumn, but it’ll be delayed thanks to it being freakin’ June already.

Anyway. Who has vacations booked? >)

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