The Burial Club: Love Has Claws #2

The Burial Club: Love Has Claws #2

Are you ready for to meet a new area man and the monster who loves him?

I sure hope so!

THE BURIAL CLUB, book two in Love Has Claws, will be released this summer! It’s twice as long as Nine Years of Silver, and definitely equally as weird, and this time there’s vampires.

If NYOS was a western-by-the-sea, The Burial Club is gothic-with-fangs. If you think you’ve seen melodrama, you’ve seen nothing yet. Aggy Stephenson is from Lastings. Laurel St. John is from the other side of the grave. Together, they–well, you’ll see.

Links coming soon: here, on my mailing list, and on twitter. The Goodreads page is live. Follow #lovehasclaws for updates!

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Aggy Stephenson was the most normal boy in Lastings. He moved to the city. He may have made a mistake. THE BURIAL CLUB, Love Has Claws 2, feat. vampires! biscuits! snark! also: class differences, defenestration, drama, grief (professional and personal), claws, kissing, and really quite a bit of murder. The Burial Club. Summer 2019. Eat the rich.

One thought on “The Burial Club: Love Has Claws #2

  1. AHH I AM SO EXCITED!!! I LOVED Nine Years, I can’t wait for more in this series! Hearing that it’s twice as long just has me twice as excited 😀

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