Published Work by Series

Published Work by Series

All of my books are stand alone titles, but there are quite a few linked universes i.e. books that take place within the same ‘world’ and may include crossover characters or other easter eggs for the eagle-eyed! I don’t currently have plans to write any traditional series, but I will continue to write linked universes because I very much enjoy them.

Love Has Claws

Covers of Nine Years of Silver, The Burial Club, and Letters From Dark Water

United by the strange coastal town of Lastings, these three books can be read in any order, but Nine Years of Silver takes place a few years prior to Letters From Dark Water, and characters from the former appear as minor characters in the latter. The Burial Club takes place in a city near to Lastings, and has no crossover characters. There is no continuous storyline in this series.

Nine Years of Silver
Second chance romance between childhood sweethearts… with a touch of eldritch dread.

The Burial Club
Professional mourner meets the vampire keeping him in business. A match made… somewhere.

Letters From Dark Water
Hermit receives letters from a secret admirer… bodies follow. The sea goes walking. This is all f i n e.

Metaschemata Verse

Covers of Mage of Inconvenience and Hart of Winter

Modern paranormals which share the same magical lore and language, but feature no crossover characters, and are located in completely different places (Canada and France). They have a similar energy and are the sweetest of my books. There is no continuous storyline.

Mage of Inconvenience
Mage meets werewolf in a magical marriage of convenience, featuring conniving cousins, an insiduous drug, an enchanted library, and at least one explosion.

Hart of Winter
Winter solstice romance feating a meet-cute with bruises between a shapeshifter and a cursebreaker in the French Alps. Hot chocolate, hand-holding, and hope.

The Sad Wolf Duology (look sometimes you just say what you see)

Covers of Wolf in King's Clothing and Ward & Weft

These are both historical paranormals, set in the early twentieth century, which share magical lore. Wolf in King’s Clothing takes place not long before Ward & Weft, and an unnamed minor character from Wolf in King’s Clothing is the main character of Ward & Weft, but there is no explicit continuation or shared arc.

Wolf in King’s Clothing
A collared berserker and the magic-using werewolf he abducts in order to free himself.

Ward & Weft
A mage returns home to find the werewolf pack he grew up with is under threat, along with his first love.