Beating the Bounds

Beating the Bounds

Cover of Beating the BoundsBeating the Bounds

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Jamie has recently moved to Marlstrake, a small village in Northumberland, and she’s looking forward to a quiet country life. After a chance encounter with Lyn, a local resident, Jamie agrees to attend a parish council meeting about the coming Halloween Festival for the sake of getting to know Lyn better.

But the council leader is Margaret, Lyn’s ex, and she’s not remotely happy to see Jamie and Lyn getting along so well. If she wants the girl and the quiet life, Jamie is first going to have to survive curses, shapeshifters, and somehow save her love from being sacrificed to the Faerie.

Cover Artist: Aisha Akeju

First edition published at Less Than Three Press, 2017. Less Than Three Press closed in July 2019.