Wolf in King’s Clothing

Wolf in King’s Clothing

Cover of Wolf in King's ClothingWolf in King’s Clothing
Wolves & Wardens I

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‘it’s hard to decide which part of this m/m Victorian-y werewolf paranormal romance novel I enjoyed the best’ All Things UF

‘An action-packed plot, deeply emotional characters, and a powerful bond all serve to create a wonderful novel.’ Joyfully Jay

‘Wait, no, I loved Kent.’ All Things UF


In a world of wolf packs, Kent has been a stray his entire life. Collared and bound as a child, he’s spent years working on the wrong side of the law to try and free himself from both his collar and his wild, berserker rage. His latest job—and hopefully his last—takes him to Hadrian, a pack leader with a rare power, who has no time for strays. Then, in short order, Hadrian has little time at all—his pack betrays him, and he’s left with only Kent for protection.

The two clash as their situation drives them apart while their instincts compel them in another direction entirely… Fighting for their lives and against each other, Kent and Hadrian must work together if they are going to survive.

Wolves and Wardens is a historical fantasy queer romance duology, featuring wolf packs and magic-using wardens. At least one person will jump out of a window.

Content warnings: bloody violence, mentions of child neglect and magical collaring, magical compulsion, themes of negative self image related to physical appearance.


This is a lightly revised second edition. First edition published with Carina Press, 2017.

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