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Ward & Weft

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Wolves & Wardens II

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‘I loved the story. I loved the characters.’ Gay Book Reviews


After years travelling, the Warden Griffith Jones returns to Aberarth and the boy—now the man—who gave Griffith his first kiss, who Griffith left behind in search of more tangible magic. Hope has brought Griffth home, but past mistakes may drive him away once again; his dreams are haunted by a spectre and a knife.

Llywelyn ap Hywel, one of the last wolves of a alpha-less pack, has more problems than the return of the man who broke his heart. His pack’s territory is under threat, and the magic that protects them has been acting strangely; their protection is fading. He doesn’t have time for Griffith—yet he can’t think of much else.

Griffith and Llywelyn must find a way to navigate their past if they’re to salvage a future for the Hywel pack – and each other.

Wolves and Wardens is a historical fantasy queer romance duology, featuring wolf packs and magic-using wardens. At least one person will jump out of a window.

Content warnings: themes of grief and mourning, bloody violence, physical and mental abuse by a mentor, dreams of torture.


This is a lightly revised second edition. The first edition was published with Carina Press (2017).

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