Mage of Inconvenience

Mage of Inconvenience

Cover of Mage of Inconvenience (v2)Mage of Inconvenience
(Metaschemata Universe)

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‘the heroes are perfectly imperfect’ All Things UF

‘snarky romance meets hardcore magical fiction’ Diverse Reader

‘worldbuilding that pulled me in, characters that held my attention, and more than one twist and turn to keep me on my toes – what more could I want?’ Rainbow Book Reviews

West is on the run from his werewolf pack, but if he cannot renew his magical defenses, he won’t get far. What he needs is a mage….

Julian is part of a wealthy and ancient family, and one day, his legacy will include his mother’s vast library of spell books—and the knowledge he needs to correct his past mistakes. But his inheritance comes with a stipulation: he has to be married before he can collect. What he needs is a husband….

West and Julian can help each other, and at first they don’t want anything further. But as they dodge meddling cousins, jealous rivals, and an insidious drug, it becomes clear that their lives are entwined in ways they never imagined—and they’re in greater danger than they thought possible.

Featuring: werewolves, magic, a marriage of convenience, an enchanted library, at least one explosion, and enough snark to sink a ship.

First edition published with Dreamspinner Press, 2018. You may see paperbacks with the old cover. No significant changes in the second edition.