Coming soon…

Coming soon…

A quick update on my next books, as somehow the end of 2019 is in sight? Terrifying, what is time.

What’s next?

Less terrifying by far is my next book, HART OF WINTER, a fluffy winter romance set in Les Menuires, France. This is a dorky story about figuring out who you are, falling in love, and falling down mountains. With inherited shapeshifting curses and family secrets, because are you new here. Hart of Winter is released December 17, and you can find it in digital and paper format from your favourite internet store at

After the cosy season is over, we return to Lastings in LETTERS FROM DARK WATER, the last book in the Love Has Claws trilogy. If you’re looking to catch up on the series, you have until February 2020 to do so! More info about the book will come throughout winter, and through my twitter (inevitably). Also, there will be a print anthology released when Letters From Dark Water comes out in ebook, so look out for that!

And after that…

I have a couple projects lined up for 2020, but nothing firm to share as yet. I’m planning a third novel set in the metaschemata universe (Mage of Inconvenience; Hart of Winter), and at least two stand-alone short stories, but the biggest project is a fantasy novel I’ve been noodling over for Quite Some Time. 2019 has been weird, but things are looking up! (But not for my characters, you know they’re still all tragic princes whom I love dearly, and that’ll never change.)

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The Burial Club: Release day!

The Burial Club: Release day!

Draw your curtains, pour yourself a beverage, and get ready: THE BURIAL CLUB is available now!

The Burial Club is the second story from Love Has Claws, a series connected by the odd little town of Lastings. In this story we take to the city to meet Aggy Stephenson, a Lastings boy, and Laurel St. John, the vampire who loves him. (The first story is Nine Years of Silver.)

I really enjoyed writing this story! I’ve been thinking of it as gothic-adjacent with a high ‘perfectly compatible numpties’ content. Also: vampires! I hope you enjoy it, too. 🙂


Cover of The Burial ClubAggy Stephenson is a funeral bidder, hand-delivering invitations to funerals in the latest fashion among city elite. His work takes him to the house of Laurel St. John, a man as handsome as he is rich, and as frequently bereaved. Despite the circumstances of their meeting, Aggy quickly falls for Laurel’s strange thrall. But they stand on either side of a barrier: wealth, status—and death.

Dilettante, socialite, and vampire, little surprises Laurel—until he meets Aggy. But Laurel isn’t the only creature with his eye on Aggy, and not everyone is restricted to hunting at night. When Aggy misses a delivery, Laurel wonders if his love has tired of a life of darkness. Then Aggy’s name appears on the list of the nearly departed intended for Laurel’s plate, and the sun isn’t enough to stop Laurel’s wrath.

Can Aggy and Laurel keep walking the thin line between the living and the dead? Or will the city force them to choose between existence—and each other?

Content Warnings: bloody violence; on- and off-screen murder; vampire-specific dub con; death, grief, and mourning; past death of a sibling; vomiting; workplace harassment; abduction.


The Burial Club: Love Has Claws #2

The Burial Club: Love Has Claws #2

Are you ready for to meet a new area man and the monster who loves him?

I sure hope so!

THE BURIAL CLUB, book two in Love Has Claws, will be released this summer! It’s twice as long as Nine Years of Silver, and definitely equally as weird, and this time there’s vampires.

If NYOS was a western-by-the-sea, The Burial Club is gothic-with-fangs. If you think you’ve seen melodrama, you’ve seen nothing yet. Aggy Stephenson is from Lastings. Laurel St. John is from the other side of the grave. Together, they–well, you’ll see.

Links coming soon: here, on my mailing list, and on twitter. The Goodreads page is live. Follow #lovehasclaws for updates!

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Aggy Stephenson was the most normal boy in Lastings. He moved to the city. He may have made a mistake. THE BURIAL CLUB, Love Has Claws 2, feat. vampires! biscuits! snark! also: class differences, defenestration, drama, grief (professional and personal), claws, kissing, and really quite a bit of murder. The Burial Club. Summer 2019. Eat the rich.

Less Than Three Press closure

Less Than Three Press closure

You may have read Less Than Three Press’ recent statement about the closure of their press. My books with them, Beating the Bounds (f/f fairytale) and Dust on the Wing (grey-a scifi), will be taken down from all storefronts by July 31, 2019.

At this stage, I’m not sure what I’ll do with the books, but they’re not a priority while I’m working on Love Has Claws. So, if you’re interested, now is the time to buy!

I’m very happy for my time with Less Than Three Press, and for what they have done for the queer book community. They publish(ed) a huge range of wonderful stories across the queer universe, and I strongly encourage you to check out what’s available before July 31, 2019. Happy reading!