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The Burial Club: Love Has Claws #2

The Burial Club: Love Has Claws #2

Are you ready for to meet a new area man and the monster who loves him?

I sure hope so!

THE BURIAL CLUB, book two in Love Has Claws, will be released this summer! It’s twice as long as Nine Years of Silver, and definitely equally as weird, and this time there’s vampires.

If NYOS was a western-by-the-sea, The Burial Club is gothic-with-fangs. If you think you’ve seen melodrama, you’ve seen nothing yet. Aggy Stephenson is from Lastings. Laurel St. John is from the other side of the grave. Together, they–well, you’ll see.

Links coming soon: here, on my mailing list, and on twitter. The Goodreads page is live. Follow #lovehasclaws for updates!

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Aggy Stephenson was the most normal boy in Lastings. He moved to the city. He may have made a mistake. THE BURIAL CLUB, Love Has Claws 2, feat. vampires! biscuits! snark! also: class differences, defenestration, drama, grief (professional and personal), claws, kissing, and really quite a bit of murder. The Burial Club. Summer 2019. Eat the rich.

Love Has Claws: And then there were vampires

Love Has Claws: And then there were vampires

It’s been just over a month since Nine Years of Silver was released. WOW. The weird western-by-the-sea story of my heart has received great reviews, but better yet, readers have loved Briar and Quinn – and Lastings – as much as I do. And that’s the most important part. Thank you all so much for daring the journey!

But Parker, what’s next for Love Has Claws?

four images: tombstones; pinapple print; man in a suit; hands kneading flourWell, thanks for asking, italicised text! Because Love Has Claws is a series, there’s definitely more to come. Next up is THE BURIAL CLUB.

Lemme tell you, The Burial Club is weird in a whole new way to NYOS. There’s vampires, baking, contract killing, and a zombie. Someone gets melted. At least one person gets thrown out a window (come on, it’s pratically a motif by now). A pineapple features. And it’s queer, of course, and there’s kissing. …I mentioned the melting, right?

Anything else we should know?

It’s coming in around 50k, over twice the length of NYOS, with a release pencilled in for late summer 2019. So mark yourself out a couple hours in the sun for some murder!

… This. This is why editors are so valuable, friends.

THE BURIAL CLUB, Love Has Claws 2

Summer 2019

Haven’t visited Lastings yet? Check out Nine Years of Silver!

Nine Years of Silver: Release day!

Nine Years of Silver: Release day!

*insert sound of trumpets here* Here we are! NINE YEARS OF SILVER is available at The Internet now!

I’m excited to release NYOS into the wild. Not only is it my first self-published book, and the first from Love Has Claws, but this is the kind of story I started writing in the way-back-when and absolutely l i v e for—morally-grey people in a liminal place where at any moment things could change irrevocably. With kissing!

But, like, less depressing than I’ve made that sound? Hopefully?

Ahem. Anyway. NYOS is out today, and I’m very proud of it, and grateful for those who helped me form it into this final version. I hope you enjoy meeting Briar and Quinn, and your first visit to Lastings—because we’ll be visiting again, and soon. Let me know what you think!

Cover of Nine Years of SilverNINE YEARS OF SILVER

Love Has Claws #1

Briar Augustin, a bounty hunter, returns to his hometown on the trail of a killer. There he becomes once more entangled with his first love, Quinn Lawrence, who is as integral to Briar’s hunt as he is to the mythology of Lastings. Can Briar find his bounty and return to the city, resisting the call of the sea? Or will he be drawn back into Lastings’ secrets—and the arms of Quinn Lawrence?

Lastings: Where some things can only be mined out.


Nine Years of Silver: Preorders

Nine Years of Silver: Preorders

… mysterious town … mysterious people … bounty hunters … selkies … kissing … murder …

NINE YEARS OF SILVER is available to preorder, and will be released April 16!

Store links at Books2Read/NYOS!

Extract from Nine Years of Silver, repeated in blog post

They called it mining, what those men did to Quinn’s daddy. Like he’d been a seam they longed to follow to the source and from there pluck riches like they thought they deserved. But Quinn’s people weren’t from the land and all those bastards mined from Quinn’s daddy was darkness, releasing it from the cage of flesh and blood and bone where it had been residing peaceably for Quinn’s two-and-twenty years.