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If Red Between the Lines was on AO3…

If Red Between the Lines was on AO3…

On my twitter, you’ll have seen tweets about my LASER EYE STORY (all in caps, forever) and also my enduring love of fanfic (here, have a thread of Bucky Fics That Have Destroyed Me). Thusly, you may extrapolate~ I spend a bit of time on the Archive Of Our Own (aka AO3), a fan-run multi-fandom platform for (primarily) fanfiction, which has a tagging system to which all others can but aspire.

Seriously: check out some random tags. Now the search function. It really helps narrow down that One Fic you’re looking for. Friends to lovers? Sure. Coffeeshop AU? Absolutely? Consentacles? You better believe it.

As readers, we’re familiar with these shorthands, but there’s been little crossover into describing our books. (Kit Rocha does, notably, to great effect: Kit Rocha’s tropes page.)

Which brings me to RED BETWEEN THE LINES, aka the LASER EYE STORY. RBTL is a sci-fi novella (m/m explicit) set in a dystopic future. It has sarcasm, androids, badly-timed attraction, and a ballroom sequence. And as for the tags…

friends to enemies to lovers | capitalism is evil | explosions are cool | cyborgs in love

alley sex | super soldiers | public showers | car chase | we do crime | browncoats

I hope those give you some idea of the kind of fun I had writing this – and that I hope you get from reading it! Red Between the Lines will be released on October 8 from NineStar Press. If you preorder from NSP, you’ll get the story on October 5 – in time for the weekend! 🙂

Cover of Red Between the LinesWynfield, a washed-up former Corpsman with optical bioware and a healthy chip on his shoulder, is reluctantly drawn into a conspiracy to take down Nutrindustry, the company responsible for both his “upgrade” from human and the city’s food shortage.

Playing clinic doctor for the day, Yeven doesn’t expect the mouthy former pilot and their begrudging attraction—nor the fresh twist of shame for his part in Nutrindustry’s past. He needs Wynfield, though, and for more than his smart mouth. Feelings would just get in the way.

In a world where the line between man and metal is thin, there’s more happening behind the scenes than even Wynfield’s enhanced optics are able to see.