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A trio of old friends

A trio of old friends

For the first publications of 2023, I have a trio of reissued stories! Wolf in King’s Clothing and Ward & Weft were originally published with Carina Press (Harlequin) and are a duology about sad werewolves, one of whom jumps out of windows and into trouble rather a shocking amount, and the other who is trying to lead a pack and would’ve preferred if his childhood sweetheart hadn’t rolled into town. Of course, both stories have a happy ever after.

If you’ve read these stories before, there are no significant changes to either. They will be made available for the first time in print, however! A print duology will be available in the usual places. Additionally, both stories will spend a few months in Kindle Unlimited before going wide, so do have a read if you’re subscribed to KU!

The other story to be rereleased is Flight and Fancy, which originally appeared in the Valves & Vixens v3 anthology from House of Erotica. This is a queer steampunk novella about a man trying to run a small business, and a creature of the night who is determined to help with PR. And also kissing.

Flight and Fancy has been expanded slightly in the second edition, and it will remain in KU for the foreseeable future. It’s one of my earlier stories, so do give it a read if you’ve not had a chance.

Ward & Weft: Release day!

Ward & Weft: Release day!

Cover of Ward & Weft

In this male/male paranormal historical romance, warden and wolf must reignite the magic that first bonded them together.

Wales, 1912

For generations, the magic wardens and the fierce werewolves combined forces to keep their enemies at bay. But when his family breaks longstanding ties to the pack that’s been a part of his life since birth, warden Griffith Jones sets out on a journey to learn all he can of the magic that will reunite them. And reunite Griffith with the first—and only—man he’s ever loved.

Llywelyn ap Hywel, son of the alpha, can’t let painful—or passionate—memories of Griffith distract him. His dwindling pack is in trouble, reeling from loss and locked in a grim battle with a dangerous rival—a pack with a warden who hasn’t abandoned them. A warden whose dark magic could destroy them all.

Up against enemies determined to steal their land and end life as they know it, Griffith and Llywelyn must fight as one to protect all they hold dear—their territory, their people and the fiery love they can no longer deny.

In the same universe as Wolf in King’s Clothing.

Carina Press – Amazon: CA / COM / UKKobo

Ward & Weft: What’s a warden, anyway?

Ward & Weft: What’s a warden, anyway?

Before Ward & Weft is released, I wanted to expand on part of the world it’s set in. Wolf in King’s Clothing focused on the werewolf side of things – and we don’t leave that behind, since Llywelyn ap Hywel is a werewolf! – but in W&W the focus is on wardens. And what with wardens being, ah, not Kent’s favourite people, I thought Griffith deserved a fair shake.

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